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Who (or what) is Hustl®?

Let’s face it, whatever your walk of life be it as an entrepreneur, athlete, student, parent, it's tough!

Before we established Hustl®, we were just three regular people who met through social media. One thing that we frequently discussed was cognitive performance, or what people commonly refer to as “peak performance.” This refers to the achievement of the optimal functioning of a person’s cognitive and executive capabilities. This helps a person improve his or her memory, processing speed, focus, and decision-making.

Peak performance may sound like something only professional athletes should care about but the truth is, everyone should aim to achieve it. Whether your job requires you to exert physical effort or not, or if you’re at the start of the end of your career (in whatever field), having your mind and body function at its optimal levels will help you breeze through your daily tasks.

Early on, we were already talking about the need for a great “performance-enhancing” product. Sadly, we couldn’t find any that met our standards. Most of the products available were pitched as a ‘silver bullet’ one size fits all solution to what is a complex problem.

In our quest to find the best brain supplement to improve our performance, we realized that simply taking these ‘silver bullets’ wasn’t going to cut it. In fact, what we were looking for required a different approach—a holistic one. One magic pill is not enough. We realized that we had to consider three things: our base level of nutrients, the quality of our sleep, and having top-level nootropics.


The possibility of being able to come up with the best nutritional supplement to help anyone perform to the best of their abilities was reason enough for us to finally bring Hustl® to life. 

What's it all about?

The concept behind Hustl® is simple and can be seen in the three stacks we offer:

‘BASE’ - a custom formulation of select essential vitamins that the body needs, along with iodine and turmeric - a known powerful antioxidant. And as if that’s not enough to give you a good base, there’s a DHA capsule in here as well.

‘BED’ - human as we are, we cannot perform at our peak if our body isn’t given enough time to recuperate. When the day is done it’s time to unwind and recharge. ‘Bed’ helps you relax and get a great night’s sleep ready to go again tomorrow.

‘BRILLIANCE’ - once we have taken care of your body’s basics and sleep, it’s time to round it out with the market’s best blend of premium nootropics. These help you achieve optimum mental performance minus the jitters and crashes associated with other products.

You can rest assured that our products are made under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) conditions.

As an added benefit, you not only get to experience peak performance, but you also get to experience it without the guilt or repercussions, knowing that our products are 100% vegan and gluten-free.

Why is it right for me?

Many people like you have already tried our stacks and they have reported improved productivity, increased focus, as well as decreased crashes and jitters (side effects of relying solely on caffeine to improve alertness). Those who tried our ‘Bed’ stack have also reported getting better quality of sleep, saying that they were able to sleep easily at night and wake up feeling energized and revitalized.

So, what are you waiting for? Our vegan supplements are ready to help you achieve clearer focus, consistent energy, and better sleep. Check out our catalogue to find out more about our stacks. Start your Hustl® today.